About Us

Tripeiro Nation is a site founded by Luso-Australian footballing journalist Mitchell Rua, and IT administrator and site moderator Georgina Dimopoulos, in July 2015 in an attempt to increase the availability of FC Porto related content to the English-speaking world.

Tripeiro Nation is a site that will look towards providing its readers with the latest news about all things FC Porto, including transfer news, injuries, match day squads, match reports, opinion articles, player profiles, match reports and much more.

Under the guise of a starry-eyed budding journalist and footballing purist, alongside a computer software extraordinaire, Tripeiro Nation will vie to bring you the best content on all things Futebol Clube do Porto in the English language.

Meet the team

Mitchell Rua is a Luso-Australian born in Sydney to immigrant parents. A diehard Portista, with allegiances to GD Chaves and Marítimo, Mitchell was first introduced to football during the 2004 European Cup Final at 7 years of age. He was amazed at the way the beautiful game brought the whole Portuguese community to a stand-still and the emotions it evoked, prompting his obsession with the Seleção das Quinas.

A keen writer and observer of the Beautiful Game, and member of both Tom Kundert’s PortuGOAL.net and  Sam Biggers’ PortugalFutbol.net, he was inspired by Portugal’s burgeoning Golden Generation to try his hand at journalism. One day, Mitchell hopes to work in conjunction with the beautiful game that has had such a profound, positive influence on his life.

Follow Mitchell’s Twitter: @TripeiroNation

Georgina Dimopoulos is a Greek-Australian born to parents with strong affiliations with the Hellenic isles. Garnering an adopted interest for the Beautiful Game later in life, Georgina is currently attending her final year of secondary schooling, with intentions to undergo further study at university. The impassioned Grecian’s interest lie in the areas of IPT, Computer Software Engineering and Business. Outgoing, funny and ardent, Georgina has already shared her passions for health, beauty, fashion and entertainment on both her YouTube channel and Blog, Georgie’s Beauty.

Follow Georgina’s Twitter: @georgin_aaa

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